Wayne Barnes - Lead Vocalist/ Manager

I am the Writer of all the song Lyrics in our album, and owner of Copyrightsongs and Music, l am also a Minister of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, been Preaching and singing since a child, been writing songs since 12 years old, I have hundreds of these songs I would love to share with you before I take my last breath!

My goal in the Message of each song is to speak too, and Minister too the hearts of the people who listen to our music, my message is from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I hope all who take part in any way with this group (NEVER BACKING DOWN), become blessed by our message, after all it is about Christ not us, and we as the Body of Christ should stand our ground in this world, we're NEVER BACKING DOWN!

Wayne Barnes





Lisa Barnes - Backup Vocalist

The Wife of Kevin Barnes, the mellow Harmony of our group, Kevin likes to call me the voice foundation, He says that I keep everyone on track! I am quiet, and love to see people blessed and changed for the Kingdom of God, I love God's People!

Lisa Barnes


Miranda Barnes - Lead Female Vocalist

My goal is to bless the people of God, I want to be a blessing not only to those who listen to our music, but most of all I want to bless my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I am the Daughter of Kevin & Lisa, And you will hear me singing some of the verses!

Miranda Barnes

Jeremiah Barnes - Audio Technician

I am quiet like Mom, I am also Called to Preach like Dad, my Heart is to win souls for Christ, after all, not only are we here on earth to Worship His Beautiful Name, but we are here to lead the lost to Christ Himself, I love the people, but the Lord's Presence & Anointing are my true love!

Jeremiah Barnes

Russ Jones - Bass Guitarist

Dianna Bauer - Rhythm Guitarist

Joesf Glaude - Lead Guitarist

Alec Tyson - Drummer



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